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Training Tester

Training Tester is an electronic device that, in real time, recognizes and displays any indicator of physical activity while athletes are practicing situation sports like volleyball, basketball, soccer, or American football. Especially in sports where explosive motion is the most important feature, Training Tester allows for easy and immediate jump tests and speed tests. In jump tests it shows on a display in real-time the maximum height reached by the athlete. In speed tests it displays the time elapsed between 2 consecutive transits into the delimited training area. For example it can be used to measure rapidity in block actions for volleyball players, or the point of maximum height where basketball players can catch the ball after a rebound.

NeT-Tool is a new tool to train service, spike and block and serve actions in volleyball. It consists of two light aluminum structures to be applied to the support poles of the net, which support and maintain two elastic material strings parallel to the net. Easily applied by support systems of any size and shape, Net-Tool interfaces to all measures of standard heights of any male and female team.
Training of the Service: the mobile arm is positioned vertically and two bungee cords are positioned according to the needs of the coach. The served ball must pass between the two strings (No problem if hit by the ball).
Training of the Block: the mobile arm is tilted and bungee cords are placed according to the needs of the coach. To train the intrusiveness of the wall requires that the athlete (located in left court) jumps putting his arms between the tape of the net and the lower string and go with his fingers to touch the top string.
Training of the Spike: the mobile arm is positioned vertically and two bungee cords are positioned according to the needs of the coach and characteristics of athletes. Applying any strings (supplied)perpendicular to the net and fixed between the 2 bungee cords, the athletes are trained to spike to a precise height and within specific areas chosen by the coach.


Four  different colored lights and a remote controller to improve the quality of your training. Improve your reaction time, improves the level of attention during training to keep focused. The ability to simultaneously turn on all the lights, or give a random sequence can always create a new stimulus for the athlete, the exercise... you have to create it. Whether in football, volleyball, basketball, but also in reaction sports, your T-light will help you to always create new exercises, The imagination... you have to put it.


Stop with theory... it's time to do practice! A new DVD for physical training in modern volleyball... with exercises and programming specific for all categories dynamic DVD with more than 110 new exercises volleyball specific. For trainers and athletes who want to improve their training sessions with innovative exercises for warming up using simple tools.

Warm Up Books
-The Warm-up Book is the compact manual for athletic trainers.
-It 's a real working method that presents a program of functional warm-up and muscular work before start the practice session.
-Techniques presented are easily adoptable by professional athletes and people with passion for sports, and by those who want to practice physical activity just to be in fit by practicing unusual exercises even at home or in the lunch break.
-Sustainable Physics Preparation, indicating a low economic impact methodology in high efficiency in the result.
-Each tutorial proposal can be realized in single mode or complete... depending on the time and tools that has the coach.
-The Warm-up book is dedicated to those who have to invent something new every time, because the dynamic composition of the combinations always offers a new solution for training. 27thousand combinations of specific exercises for upper limbs, lower limbs and abdominal area, executable with the aid of simple tools readily available.


Trail Equipment
From children to adults Pallandia promotes a culture of physical activity for all ages.It is a fundamental principle for the healthy development of the body and body balance of the person. Practiced as usual during the whole life, physical activity ensures the proper maintenance of physical and neurological, keeping slow the aging process of body and mind.Pallandia looks ahead. The experience, expertise and design innovation stimulate us to expand the range of proposals also specific to sports such as Pilates, proprioception training, water sports, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Because the curiosity and passion for the movement have no boundaries. Many products are tested and approved by international federations. Approved Products with this label have been tested and approved by the following Sports  organizations:

  • IAAF - International Association of Athletics Federation

  • FIG - Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique

  • IHF - International Handball Federation

  • FIVB - Fédération Internationale de Volleyball

  • CONI - Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano      

  • CIP - Comitato Italiano Paralimpico


Loop Band By FitPoint
Loop Bands are much more than simple elastic: these bands have a closed loop through which you can hook up to any location, and their versatility allows an infinite range of applications and their incredible strength allows you to work all the muscles of your body in a really productive method. It does not matter if you are a coach, a professional athlete, a user of the gym, or if you simply want to improve your posture:
Loop Band scan really meet your needs in a definitive way.

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