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Shihab Ahmed - Founder/ Owner of OMA Volleyball

        Shihab is one of the youngest volleyball coaches to have modified several aspects and visions in the sports field of volleyball.   He has focused his efforts primarily in GCC countries. Also, he is considered the primary international coach instructor of The International Federation of Volleyball in Oman.  In addition to contributing great accomplishments and planning in his beloved field of volleyball; he has conducted several volleyball coaches courses in Oman since 2002 such as Sports Clubs, Military, Oman Volleyball Association and Sports Teachers of Ministry of Education.  Shihab has also conducted several international coaching courses (FIVB) in GCC countries and the East Asian countries zone.  He has higher qualifications in the coaching field and high education level as he studied in Germany and the UK.  He has worked as coach of the Oman National Volleyball team and participated in national and international volleyball events.  In addition, he accomplished great achievements and champions (Senior, Youths) with volleyball clubs(1D & 2D), Army's team and Universities team in local and national tournaments.

        In 2002, Shihab became a member of several technical and coaching committees in Oman Volleyball Association. . He suggested several proposals and projects to build up the fundamentals of the volleyball game and qualified coaches such as Volleyball Youth's Centers, Minivolleyball Training centers and Mechanisms of volleyball coaches. Furthermore, he is the author of the book Volleyball For All; which includes the history of the field, OVA achievements and Volleyball rules. He has done extensive research for papers in the coaching field and presented several of these papers to international audiences in events around the world.  Since 2003, Shihab has been presented with several local and international awards as a Volleyball Coach and Instructor for his achievements and scientific contributions in volleyball. Recently, he has established the OMA Volleyball Project; which is focused on building up the game of volleyball in Oman.  In 2013 he established the OMA Volley Agency and which has been renamed OMA Volley . Shihab is a man with a plan that continuously establishes new ideas including the new and exciting agency OMA Volley.


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